Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Democratic Culture of Corruption: the Texas Democratic Gerrymander

The Supreme Court decided largely against the Texas Democrats in their attempt to re-gerrymander Texas’ Congressional districts. After the 2002 elections the state legislature re-districted the entire state. This was largely in reaction to the fact that most of the state’s citizens had been voting Republican in state-wide races for some time. The Democrats howled in protest and blamed Tom De Lay; then they sued. Now they have lost. The Supreme Courts decision includes this rebuke:

Under Plan 1151C, the 2002 congressional elections resulted in a 17-to-15 Democratic majority in the Texas delegation, compared to a 59% to 40% Republican majority in votes for statewide office in 2000, thus leaving the 1991 Democratic gerrymander largely in place.

The issue that the Democrats did win (one Hispanic district) will likely have little to no impact on the Texas congressional delegation.

Hat Tip: John Hinderaker at Powerline

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ann Coulter – Dead Head and the Pride of Cucamonga

c Flying Debris / Vanity Fair
Ann Coulter checks out Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh on stage right during the final Dead show at Soldier Field in Chicago

The entire liberal establishment hates Ann Coulter for one reason or another. Last week it was because she used some "bad words" to describe four widows who had inserted themselves into the political world. Mind you the words weren't as bad as what Al Franken says on a regular basis. Ms. Coulter's point was that being widows (their husbands were murdered on 9/11) shouldn't inoculate one from being criticized for saying wacko things like Bush knew about 9/11 beforehand. Ms. Coulter has commented that she finds liberal's fascination with her comments concerning the four NJ widows to be enlightening and amusing because the title and theme of her book is that liberals are Godless. I personally think that Ms. Coulter does not do her ideas any favor by being so incredibly bombastic. I also do not share her views about liberals necessarily being Godless.

Anyways, Ann Coulter is a long-time Deadhead who received the vinyl album American Beauty for Christmas as an eleven-year-old; so was sent out to interview her and as usual, the Coulter interview is a doozy. It includes this tidbit about the Clinton/Lewinsky battle:

"My collection of Dead tapes, by the way, was the reason I heard one of the Linda Tripp tapes before Ken Starr did. Tripp's lawyer obviously needed to hear the tape before turning it over to the prosecutor, but he only had an old 1950's tape player and couldn't get it to work and Ken Starr wanted the tape the next morning. He was terrified he'd hit the wrong button and erase the evidence. In the wee hours of the morning, it occurred him, a Deadhead himself, that he knew one person in D.C. who definitely had a tape machine. So, at around 2 AM, he called me and asked to come over to use my tape deck."

Her list of favorite Dead tunes is also quit good (some of us can add or detract from the list):

"My favorite Dead song is the last song I heard, and my favorite concert was the last concert I went to, but among my favorite songs are: “Eyes of the World”, “Loose Lucy”, “Franklin's Tower”, “Althea”, “Fire on the Mountain”, “Deal”, “Sugar Magnolia”, “Unbroken Chain”, “Cassidy”, “Pride of Cucamonga”, “Uncle John's Band”, “Ripple”, “Casey Jones”, “I Will Take You Home”, “Passenger”, “Stagger Lee”, “Tennessee Jed”, “Mississippi Half-Step”, “Good Lovin'” - I even love “Alabama Getaway”, which I gather Deadheads are supposed to spurn for being “commercially successful.” (Of course, we were also supposed to say “Phil makes the band.” I love Phil, but when Jerry died, that turned out not to be true.)"

Pride of Cucamonga is a personal favorite of mine and I must say Amen Honey with the Phil comment.

Her snarkiest comment is one that is almost impossible to disagree with:

“Apart from Al Gore, Al Franken is the most un-Deadhead like person I know of who purports to be a Deadhead."

This interview is not a shock to this Deadhead, I've seen Ms. Coulter at work and the Dead thing fits in, as she said "(a)s a Deadhead and a freedom-lover, I am wounded to the bone that you think the two do not naturally go hand in hand.

Of course Ann has her own question with her own answer:

"By the way, you did not ask me what my favorite bumper sticker or button is . . . and I know the answers to those questions! Bumper sticker: 'Dead For Life'; button: 'Jews For Jerry.'"

One of my favorite buttons from a Dead show is "Dose Me I'm Irish" (from a St. Pats Day show 1993(?), an Irish guy like me didn't need to be "dosing" on LSD to find amusement in that button), I wore it to the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago to watch Bill Clinton give his acceptance speech. The looks that I got from those geeky Democratic operatives made it clear that they had no love for the Dead, for fun or even for humor. On the other hand for ten years I have asserted that I was one of the few people in the hall who was gainfully employed. Being a flunky on some padded government payroll doesn't count; the janitors, the wait staff, security and I seemed to be about it for non-flunky employment. The Coulter interview can be found here.

Could Ann be some sort of Sugar Magnolia?

“takes the wheel when I’m seeing double; she pays my ticket when I speed”

Hat Tip: Wizbang.

Black Transvestite Gang Terrorizes French Quarter Boutiques

You just can’t make this stuff up, and if you did you be accused of racism. Anyways, there is a gang of skinny black transvestite thieves plaguing Magazine Street in New Orleans and they have inspired prose like the following: “(t)he transvestites first appeared in March when they raided Magazine Street like a marauding army of kleptomaniacal showgirls, said Davis, using clockwork precision and brute force to satisfy their high-end boutique needs.”

I am going to go (not very far) out on a limb here and speculate that the gang is a group of black transvestite hookers who are no longer getting much business and have turned to other criminal activities to keep their lazy butts fed. Amusingly this is happening in New Orleans where many citizens are legally armed and probably not against taking a few pot-shots at some transvestite hookers.

Story: Here
Hat Tip: Drudge

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday Porsche Blogging: Type Numbers Part 4, Type 500 through Type 528

Type 502
1.5 liter engine for the Type 356

Type 506
1.3 liter engine for the Type 356

Type 506/2
Type 506 with three-piece crankcase

Type 508
4-stroke diesel engine for Volkswagen

Type 509
1.3 liter engine for Type 356

Type 514
Le Mans cars for 1951 (Type 356 SL)

Type 519
Synchronized Transmission for Type 356

Type 522
Volkswagen design proposal with strut-type front suspension

Type 523
Studies of marine engines

Type 524
Fuel injection for Type 369 engine

Type 527
1.5 liter production engine for the Type 356, initially made for Le Mans

Type 528
1.5 liter sports engine for Type 356 1500S or Super

Type 528/2
Type 528 with four-piece crankcase

Source: Porsche Excellence Was Expected - The Complete Story of the Sports and Racing CarsKarl Ludvigsen1st Edition, 1977 pg. 517-5182nd Edition, 2003 pg. 1484The Ludvigsen work is an ongoing labor of love and a must read for any serious student of Porsche history.

Previous parts of the Type Number Series are Type 7 through 114, Type 115 through 356 and Type 356 through 500.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Stuttgart Erupts in Soccer Violence

Stuttgart Germany is the home of both Porsche and Mercedes Benz Chrysler (Daimler-Chrysler-whatever); FOX News just showed live video of a stand-off between German and British soccer fans in downtown Stuttgart. Apparently a scuffle broke out between the fans after the German victory over Sweden that sent them to the quarter-finals. The story linked to below describes drunken British soccer fans (repetitive) throwing beer bottles at passerby from a bar balcony; that shows real class. That scuffle turned into what FOX described as a very violent confrontation until the riot police showed up. The video is pretty funny; it shows the English fans taunting the German fans from behind a line of riot police; that shows real bravery.

An early story here.

Cindy Sheehan Shills for Fascist

Yep the “Eveready Bunny” of bimbos went back to Berkley, Ca. three months ago, a place that she called “smartland”, and told an audience of left-wing goofs that Americans should only buy gas from Citgo. Citgo is of course an American refiner and marketer of gasoline that is owned by the government of Venezuela. In other words it is owned by Sheehan’s buddy, the fascistic Hugo Chavez. I say boycott Citgo and support BP and Exxon, they are being boycotted by Jesse Jackson today.

Zombie has the video (and translation) here.

Friday, June 23, 2006

NY Times Jihadists Sell Out America Again!

Michelle Malkin has a very complete rundown of the Times and their disgraceful decision to reveal classified American programs aimed against the jihadists who want to end Western Civilization. The story of Times writers (and serial jihadists) Lichtblau and Risen is just another instance of the New York Times selling you out. More of this disgrace here and here.

Update: It’s a good thing that Keller and his crew didn’t get a hold of the Sears Tower plot, the building might be rubble by now.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jihadists Duped In Sears Plot

c Flying Debris
Another Jihadists Plot Against Tallest Infidel Building

This story about the Sears Tower plot is another example of why we should be vigilant against the threats of contained terror cells. Thank God that the authorities had somebody in the cell. I see many cityscapes on my commute to work, both on the el and on the walk to the el; many of those cityscapes includes the Sears Tower. I would hate to lose that view.

As always the Gateway Pundit has a great Roundup but Flying Debris has the killer shot of the Sears Tower (above) from the east end of Quincy St.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

North Koreans Try to End Joe Biden’s Career

Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), like so many of his fellow Democrats, has been a long-time vocal critic of the Strategic Defense Initiative, the missile shield that was knick-named “Star Wars”. Today the US is forced to stare down the rogue nation of North Korea and it's desire to test long-range missiles that they could equip with nuclear arms. The still-in-testing missile defense shield is one of our only legitimate defenses. This is a system that made its way into the public consciousness during Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign. Since that time the “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party” has been united in its belittlement of the very idea that a nation could protect itself from a missile attack.

The usual argument (if one is forced to call it that) has been the bumper-sticker-like “you can’t hit a bullet with a bullet!” In fact I found a quote very close to that by some blogger from just four years ago here. Any reasonable student of history has to laugh at those sentiments. In addition to denying human technological advances the Democrats (and other liberals) often had objections that amounted to the fact that early examples of SDI couldn’t cover every single contingency. My personal too-long-for-a-bumper-sticker response has been to compare the speaker(s) to some chump standing on Kill Devil Hills in Kitty Hawk, NC during the Wright Brothers 1903 tests of the Wright Flyer and stating “That thing will never work; it doesn’t even have an in-flight movie!”

The Democratic Party's objections have morphed over the decades but they revolve around the belief that humans cannot do that which has not already been done. This belief is truly stupid. It may very well be a belief rooted in our nation’s educational institutions and their seeming inability to get their students to think dynamically. The Clinton crowd often described dynamic thinking as “thinking outside of the box”; of course that all depended on the meaning of the words thinking, outside and box.

In addition to the rather obvious lunacy of denying human advancement (while using computers no less!) I have always considered the Democratic position to be ignorant as it pertains to politics. It has always been a simple matter of time until there would be some need for a missile shield. Unless one believes that very soon the entire world will be sitting around in a gigantic circle, smoking some big old fatties and singing Kumbaya. The entire argument seems to be based on ignorance of history and of humanity.

If the United States is forced to use our missile defense shield to protect the nation against the rouge regime in North Korea I would expect many Republican candidates to use the multiple decades of Democratic lunacy against them. The quotes to use are as far away as Google. Joe Biden and John Kerry, among others would make big fat targets.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

NY Times – Guy Who Wants to Enslave You is a “Moderate”

Just when it seemed that the Times couldn’t sink any lower they get out the shovel and start digging. Last Sunday’s front page featured this ridiculous article about an Imam who was “once” radical but has now seen the light. That light includes the disgraceful Sharia laws that are a large part of Islam. Sharia represents (among other disgraces) a caste system that leaves Muslims at the pinnacle, shocking! It is the basis for the subjugation of women and Non-Muslims, it also promotes the taking of slaves; it the main reason that being a neighbor to a Muslim country has been a disaster for Non-Muslims for the entire history of Islam.

The Times reporter, Laurie Goodstein practically creams on this hideous man during the article but she slipped-up at the end. If you make it to the end of this disgrace you are greeted by this plum from the Goofy Imam “Islam presents an absolutist political agenda, or one which doesn't lend itself to compromise, nor to coalition building." No Kidding!!!!

Ms. Goodstein writes that the Goofy Imam “hoped that one day the United States would be a Muslim country ruled by Islamic law”. Again I say, No Kidding!!!

The Goofy Imam goes on to say, "Every Muslim who is honest would say, I would like to see America become a Muslim country”. The only shock here is that the NY Times actually printed those quotes. I guess that the Times is now promoting slavery. They just don’t get it, we fought that war and it ended badly for the slavers 141 years ago.

Democratic Culture of Corruption – Dems Run Cult Member for Congress

Yep, those wacky Democrats are up to their old tricks again, they’ve found a former cult member to run for a “safe” (see black) seat in Congress to represent Minnesota. The sap that they have found wasn’t just any cult member, rather he was a leader in the cult. The cult is, of course, the Nation of Islam (noi). The noi is the leading cult in the black community and like all such groups they rely on the utter ignorance of their members and the ability of their leaders to push unimaginably ignorant ideas. Flying Debris has written about the noi here, here, here, here and here and concluded that one should consider it a cult due to the ideas that they peddle to the gullible.

The Nation of Islam was founded on the idea that white people were “invented” by a black mad scientist named Yakub six-thousand years ago. They also have taught that Yakub and his successors spent the following six-hundred years “whitening” Yakub’s “invention”. Flying Debris has already pointed out that Michael Jackson achieved whitened skin pigment in just ten to fifteen years. As bizarre as the whole Yakub story is, the rest of noi is just as cult-like.

Scott Johnson of Powerline has written twelve posts on the candidacy of one Keith Ellison (Who is Keith Ellison #( )) aka Keith Hakim, a former noi cult leader. The Powerline guys have also been very pointed in their criticism of the Minneapolis media, especially the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which actually has had some glowing and dishonest articles about Hakim’s past ties to the noi cult. Ellison has been held out as possibly the first Muslim to be a member of the US Congress; the media have been denying Hakim’s links to the noi cult.

The fact that the Dems (in Minnesota it is the DFL, the Democratic Farmer Labor Party) obviously believe that they can get away with nominating a former cult leader to run for Congress shows how obviously corrupt the relationship between the Dems and the media really is. Flying Debris cannot keep up with the extensive writing that Scott Johnson of Powerline fame has been doing on the case of Hakim and the Dems so here are the twelve posts from Powerline:

Who is Keith Ellison? (12)
Who is Keith Ellison? (11)
Who is Keith Ellison? (10)
Who is Keith Ellison? (9)
Who is Keith Ellison? (8)
Who is Keith Ellison? (7)
Who is Keith Ellison? (6)
Who is Keith Ellison? (5)
Who is Keith Ellison? (4)
Who is Keith Ellison? (3)
Who is Keith Ellison? (2)
Who is Keith Ellison?

Minnesota holds it’s primaries in September so we should get a few more months of writings about the Democratic Party, the Minnesota media and their attempts to dupe the general public.

Monday, June 19, 2006

“No One Should Ever Call Murtha a Marine Again” #2

This post’s title is a quote taken from this post by Curt of Flopping Aces and was used as the title of this Flying Debris post. The retired Marine Colonel and now Democratic Congressman Murtha was on NBC’s Meet the Press yesterday and by all accounts the man made a complete ass of himself. Mr. Murtha showed that if he is actually being serious that he really is not very sharp. In some of his past whining Murtha has strangely suggested that US troops could be deployed over some hill in the Middle East, or sand dune as the case as be. It was strangely ignorant of Murtha to even suggest such a thing without even having a clue as to where we could possibly re-deploy our troops to. Congressman Murtha seemed ignorant of geo-politics of the region, as did his supporters. Yesterday Murtha went “off the meds” and suggested that we re-deploy our troops to Okinawa, somebody should’ve clued Mr. Murtha in that we are taking our troops out of Okinawa due to frictions between our troops and the local Japanese citizenry during the past 60 years; those troops are moving to Guam. The old coot may as well have sputtered that we should re-deploy our troops to Lawrence Kansas. We keep hearing about how Congressman Murtha is a retired Marine Colonel who was decorated during the Vietnam War; with strategic thinking like Murtha’s it is no wonder that we lost the war.

Once again, here is a link to Murtha’s opponent Diana Irey, she deserves the support of serious Americans.

Powerline has some thoughts on Murtha’s appearance along with a world map to help Murtha’s supporters.

As usual the Gateway Pundit has an extensive piece including the entire video interview from Murtha’s appearance on Meet the Press.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Le Mans – Another First for Audi, Another First for Corvette and a First for Panoz

At the end the Audi R10 Diesel TDI V-10 won the Le Mans 24 hour race handily, followed by a Pescarolo Sport team car and another Audi R10. The GT1 class was exciting as Corvette took the lead early in the (French) afternoon and never relinquished it. The story in GT2 was very exciting for the Panoz customer team that caught and passed the Porsche GT3 RSR in the last hour while the Porsche had gearbox trouble and the car went on to be the first Panoz to win its class at Le Mans in the ten years that Dr. Panoz has been bringing his cars to France for the endurance race. My prediction for next year is: better communications or cell phones for all of the drivers. The 2nd place Porsche GT3 driver had to wait until the team mechanics could reach him on the course to tell him how to repair the Porsche, saving enough time could’ve won the race for the Porsche.

Le Mans – Class Leading Porsche in Trouble W/O Cell Phone 2

WOW GT3 is on the circuit again!!! Team mechanics went out onto the circuit to tell the driver how to engage the tranny – he is now limping back to the pits, class win seems VERY unlikely – they need to fix the tranny – Panoz just took over class lead!

The class leading Porsche GT3 RSR is reported to be definitely stopped out on the circuit at Arnage. Speed Channel had reported a problem with 4th gear during the just completed pit stop. The Le Mans rules require the driver to get the car back to the pits if he is stopped out on the circuit, so the cars carry tool kits and communicating with the driver is critical in order to tell what to repair – Speed just reported that the car is stuck out at Arnage and that the pits have lost communication with the car, nothing, not even telemetry. The team is hoping that the Porsche factory group may be able to communicate some telemetry information (commentator implied that and yes it does sound dubious, on the other hand the factory did not have any entry in the race and may be there collecting telemetry for their customers). They also said that the driver was not carrying a cell phone. Yep, spend $1 million plus and get stuck on the circuit without a device that is given away for free.

Le Mans – Class Leading Porsche in Trouble W/O Cell Phone

The class leading Porsche GT3 RSR is (reported to be) Definitely (!) stopped out on the circuit at Arnage. Speed Channel had reported a problem with 4th gear during the just completed pit stop. The Le Mans rules require the driver to get the car back to the pits if he is stopped out on the circuit, so the cars carry tool kits and communicating with the driver is critical in order to tell what to repair – Speed just reported that the car is stuck out at Arnage and that the pits have lost communication with the car, nothing, not even telemetry. The team is hoping that the Porsche factory group may be able to communicate some telemetry information (commentator implied that and yes it does sound dubious, on the other hand the factory did not have any entry in the race and may be there collecting telemetry for their customers). They also said that the driver was not carrying a cell phone. Yep, spend $1 million plus and get stuck on the circuit without a device that is given away for free.

Le Mans - WOW - Corvette Takes Class Lead!

With James Bond’s (#007) sister car, the #009 Aston Martin DB9 in the pits the factory Corvette #64 has taken the class lead and is 4th overall. The battle between the Vette and the Aston has been a tight one since yesterday afternoon; if the Corvette can stay on track it has the race sewn up, however 2 hours and 35 minutes is a lifetime at Le Mans, and longer than any Formula One race.

Sunday Porsche Blogging: Le Mans After 21 Hours

The annual Le Mans 24 hour race is still going on, it will end at 5:00 PM local time (11:00 AM EDT), Audi is still leading the race with their wonderful diesel powered R10 TDI, however Henri Pescarolo and his Pescarolo Sport, a Courage chassis running a Judd V-10, is just five laps back. Henri Pescarolo is the team manager and a former winner at Le Mans; the team is also the pride of France, being based in the town of Mans.

Porsche is doing its job in the LMGT2 category with the Seikel Motorsport team of Frankfort Germany leading the class. Porsche was recently the only serious competitor in this class until Ferrari, Panoz and others decided to take on Porsche. The Panoz Esperante of Team LNT is seven laps behind the Porsche GT3 RSR of Seikel Motorsport.

There were a few changes at Le Mans this year; yesterday they started the race 1 hour late in order to accommodate the TV schedule for the World Cup soccer matches. This is much better than the 1968 race that was rescheduled for that fall due to student unrest in France that summer. They have also moved the “carnival” and its Ferris wheel to the area near pit-in rather than behind the front-straight grandstands. It has been said that some of the best food in France that weekend can be found on the grounds of Le Mans. The usual camp-site mania seems to be occurring again this year, with car nuts from around the continent gathering in camp sites throughout the area. The 8.3 mile circuit includes public roads that wind through the farm country near the town of Mans and contains plenty of suitable camping sites. Many continental car clubs (especially from Britain) attend the race en masse, gathering at designated camp sites and carrying on in what for them is traditional manner (including copious amounts of alcohol). It is somewhat like Sturgis without the Harleys and less tattoos.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

J Bond’s Car at Le Mans

This year’s Le Mans 24 Hour race was featuring the first Le Mans racer to sport a triple digit number. The lead Aston Martin (in green livery) is number 007, something to warm the hearts of James Bond fans. Things aren’t going too well for the 007 car, they made a somewhat routine pit stop after 6 laps (under a caution flag) and came out just behind the rival Corvette; the Aston crew changed tires after driving through some wreckage debris. One lap later the Aston’s crew made a late (and likely surprising) call to pit and the Aston ran over the Armco at the start of pit lane and tore off the oil sump (oil pan). That caused quite a mess in the pits (and at pit-in) and the 007 Aston Martin is in the garage being worked on after 7 laps; a big bonus for the Corvettes.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Editors of the NY Times Should Never be called Newspapermen Again

"Propagandists" is the correct term.

What in the heck do these people take their readers for? The NY Times editors expect us to believe this story of an “innocent” Gitmo prisoner whose family (including his surely lovely mother) was just convicted of terrorism in his homeland of France today. The family “business” seems to be murdering Westerners. Now don’t get me wrong, not all the apples from the Benchellali family are necessarily rotten to the core; but the Times author does not dispute attending an al quada camp in Afghanistan. Although he does write that he did not go there to train, rather he says that he went “to Afghanistan on what I thought was a dream vacation.”

Yes folks, the New York Times printed that pile of propaganda; the "dream vacation" in Afghanistan. The Times should send Frank Rich on one of those “dream vacations”. It should go without saying that the modern NY Times is little more than a propaganda rag for anti-American, western fools. Some would call them “elite”, I prefer anti-American western fools. Read the NY Times article for a good laugh and try not to cry as the Times sells-out Western civilization

Hat Tip: Power Line

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Democrats are Hiring Left-Wing Bloggers? Are They Crazy?

This is good news. Marcos of the daily Kos is quite upset over the fact that actual professional consultants are only talking to reporters about left-wing bloggers on an off of the record basis. This makes some amount of sense on the part of consultants; after all, Markos apparently threatened the livelihood of one Steve Elmendorf after Elmendorf spoke on the record about the “community” on the Daily Kos. Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Dick Polman wrote this tidbit in the column cited by Markos, “they're amateurs trying to play like professionals. Yet we see all these Democrats starting to hire them, pay them for advice. It's crazy.” Crazy indeed, but it is no crazier than courting Michael Moore or Jimmy Carter.

Democratic Culture of Corruption: Howard Dean Defines Sin?

This is just way too rich; Howard Dean, the spastic head of the Democratic Party, has attempted to define “sin”. Ironically, “sin” is something that many liberals simply do not believe in, a short glance at our criminal justice system should prove that to any skeptic. Heck, the ACLU is even defending the child-rapists of the North American Man Boy Love Association. The fact that Dean’s most ardent supporters do not believe in the concept of “sin” when it comes to raping boys (be it rape by some chicken-hawking homo or some screwed up female teacher) makes Dean’s task even funnier.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Democratic Culture of Corruption: Franklin County Ohio Democrats Threw ’04 Election for Bush?

Bob Hebert in this morning’s NY Times (“Those Pesky Voters” Behind the pay wall) calls himself initially skeptical concerning the Bush stole the election talk; that was before he threw in with the likes of Robert Kennedy Jr. One of Mr. Hebert's main points is the allegation of "substantial bias” with respect to the allocation of voting machines in African-American areas around Columbus Ohio. Of course Mr. Hebert does this in order to smear Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, an African-American Republican running for Governor in Ohio this year. What really makes that idea interesting is that voting in Ohio, like the rest of the country, is controlled by counties (parish’s in La.), and in the instance cited by Mr. Hebert the county controlling the polling in question, Franklin County, is a Democratic county. Yep, the county government is controlled by Democrats; in fact the county election administrator at the time is an African-American Democrat. The city government of Columbus Ohio is also controlled by Democrats and it's mayor is an African-American Democrat. So Mr. Hebert, his editors, Mr. Kennedy and some unknown number of Democrats, expect us to believe that the African-American Democratic leaders in Franklin County Ohio disenfranchised the African-American Democrats of Franklin County Ohio in order to help Republican George Bush win re-election. With all of the Hollywood connections you would think that they could come up with a better story.

More Flying Debris Posts on the Democratic Culture of Corruption can be found here, here, here, here and here.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Porsche Blogging: Type Numbers – Part 3 Type 356 through Type 500

Type 356
Open Mid-Engine two-seat sports car based on VW chassis and components
The link is to a Wikipedia photo of the actual first Porsche car

*Note: The early 356 models, pre-1954 models except the cars built in Gmund, are rear-engine cars known as “Pre-A 356s” but badged as 356s. The cars built in Gmund are known as “Gmund coupes”

Type 356/2
Rear-engine Porsche sports car
Known as Gmund Coupes because they were built in Gmund, the town that Porsche was located in during the end of WWII and the early post-war period

Type 356A
Improved series production Porsche with 15-inch wheels and a 1,600 cc engine

Type 356B
Improved 356 model with “T-5” body

Type 356C
Further improved 356 model with disc brakes

Type 356 SL
Racing version of Type 356/2 Coupe

Type 360
Cistalia Formula One Grand Prix car

Type 361
Single cylinder test engine for Type 360

Type 362
2.0 liter unsupercharged Formula Two version of Type 360

Type 369
1.1 liter engine for Type 356/2 and Type 356

Type 370
Cistalia 1.5 liter touring car

Type 378
Porsche-Schmid gearbox for Volkswagen

Type 384
Porsche-Schmid gearbox for Volkswagen

Type 425
20-hp diesel tractor

Source: Porsche Excellence Was Expected - The Complete Story of the Sports and Racing CarsKarl Ludvigsen
1st Edition, 1977 pg. 517
2nd Edition, 2003 pg. 1484

The Ludvigsen work is an ongoing labor of love and a must read for any serious student of Porsche history.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi Meets His Virgins!

c unknown
Virgins Waiting for Zarqawi

After being handled with extreme prejudice, the backwards jihadist Zarqawi has been sent to meet his virgins (see above) on the same date that one Mr. Mohamed, met his virgins (similar to above). Mr. Zarqawi certainly got the shock of his pitiful life, or death, as the case may be, when he met his virgins. Instead of 72 lithesome, veiled and bejeweled women he encountered 72 bearded, scraggly, stinking, foolish Arab men; all of whom were sent to their death by the disgusting Zarqawi. The 72 men, all smelling faintly of camel dung received the same shock of being met by 72 horny, stinking pissed-off Arab male virgins.

The Gateway Pundit has the story about Zarqawi's family's grieving.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

William Jefferson “Fund Raising” Letter

Dear Contributer,
I have been presented with a wonderful opportunity that my friends and associates should take advantage of. As many of you know the national telephone system of Nigeria has been having troubles with our nation’s new banking laws; specifically they have substantial funds “frozen” in our banking system. They need the help of good Americans like yourself in order to free their “frozen” funds. I know what you’re thinking; Nigeria, now they probably want my bank account numbers. Friends, have no fear, they are asking for no such thing. In order to secure their funds the Nigerian telephone system needs one or more Americans to put up $100,000 “earnest money”. Specifically they need $100,000 of cold hard cash. They are prepared to transfer the ownership of a Nigerian telephone franchise valued at $500,000 to the American who can help them get out of this financial bind. To take advantage of this opportunity please contact me at my Washington DC office and be prepared to meet me with unmarked twenty dollar bills, I will take care of the freezing part.

William Jefferson
United States Congress

Warning: the Above is Satire

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Willie Nelson - Cindy Sheehan to Fast During 33rd Annual “Willies Picnic”

The Gateway Pundit has the report, the Cindy Sheehan Watch is reporting that Willie Nelson and Cindy Sheehan are teaming up to go on a hunger strike together starting July Fourth, the day of Willies Picnic in Fort Worth, Tx. This is likely to be a very short lived fast; besides the annual picnic, the munchies should get ‘Ol Willie the first day.

Gateway Pundit: Goodness! Cindy and Willy Nelson(?) Team Up for Hunger Strike!

Monday, June 05, 2006

What Sort of News Site is Google Running Anyhow?

So I clicked on over to Google’s news site and found that this thing called the Bayou Buzz has the TOP nationwide story. The headline should explain why it was at the top, President Bush Queer Motives on Marriage Amendment. Now I know that the media has been having some tough times but come on, the Bayou Buzz?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Porsche Blogging: Sally Carrera the Leading Lady in Cars

c Leonard Turner
This photo of Sally Carrera, the 2002 Porsche from the movie Cars was taken by Porsche photgrapher extraordinaire Leonard Turner

Sally Carrera, a former big-city lawyer moved to Radiator Springs, is the “leading lady” in the upcoming Disney/Pixar animated movie Cars. As the name implies her automotive character is based on a Porsche Carrera, in fact she is based on a 2002 Porsche Carrera, referred to as a type 996; the newest Carrera models are referred to as type 997s. Porsche started using the name Carrera to celebrate its class win in the grueling Carrera Panamericana race of 1953. The first Carreras of 1956 were considered too luxurious to race, that changed dramatically the following year.

Sally was modeled after the second newest iteration of the long-lived 911 line that acquired the Carrera designation in 1984 after using the SC or Super Carrera nameplate from 1978 to 1983. Previous to that time the Carrera moniker was reserved for low volume cars that were often race-bred specials derived from a street car. Then there was the Carrera 6, or the type 906, the first Porsche race car that could not be driven on the street at all (a Wikipedia disputes that and so far I haven’t found the proper citation).

The Porsche Club of America’s (PCA) monthly magazine Porsche Panorama did a full write up on the Porsche/car-guy angle in their May issue. When Pixar decided to make this movie in 2001 the production team has made sure that the animators understood cars, their dynamics and auto racing. They took them to NASCAR races, auto shows, car museums; they were even sent them out onto Infineon Raceway with pro drivers. Pro race drivers can put the fear of God into most folks. As a result of all the preparations, technical and psychological, the vehicles shown in the movie have the dynamics of the actual vehicles, down to suspension and tire pressures.

Apparently Doc Hudson, voiced by actor/racer Paul Newman has driving characteristics of a 1951 Hudson Hornet, of course Sally behaves like a 2002 Carrera and the leading man Lightning McQueen, behaves like a NASCAR race car. In addition Pixar used a new technique called “ray tracing” that accurately depicts reflections off of the surfaces of cars, the dozens of head-light beams in night shots and the shading of surfaces and characters. This technique is so complex that even using Pixar’s 3000 networked computers the average time to render a single frame of film for Cars was 17 hours! Obviously many frames where done at a time.

For many Pixar employees this entire exercise must’ve been a blast. Panorama interviewed PCA member Gary Schultz and pictured him in front of his white 1967 911S with some trick yellow rally lights. 1967 was the first year for the 911 S series, the most performance orientated of the street 911s. The S designation has been carried on with the modern Carrera S. 1967 is also the final year of the short wheel base 911s, making that year’s S model a particularly desirable 911.

Porsche Cars North America donated the promotional Sally pictured above, the car started out as a 1999 Carrera that was updated with 2002 body panels. The car was created by movie car creator Eddie Paul from a car that had been damaged in transport and had been used as a repair training model. In order to achieve the proportions of the animated Sally the car’s wheelbase was shortened by seven inches, the roof was raised by 3 ½ inches and the windshield rake was lessened giving the car a more upright windshield. Eyelids are built into the windshield and the eyeballs are controlled by magnets built into the interior. The front grills of modern Carreras also hold a number of radiators that Sally must be hiding quite tactfully behind those teeth.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Democratic Culture of Corruption: More Vote Fraud

c This Photo is Public
Outrageous Democratic Campaign Literature Insulting to Almost All Americans

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Being a lifelong observer of Chicago politics I have been amused by Nancy Pelosi’s campaign of labeling Republicans as having a “culture of corruption.” Flying Debris has tried to make it clear that corruption is a human failure rather than a failure of one particular party. Here in Chicago local Democrats were once openly boastful of allegations that vote fraud here in Chicago put John F. Kennedy into the White House; this strangely stopped during November and December of 2000 during the historic Florida recount. Some have even claimed that local elections are now clean.

The flier pictured above is helping Democrats in Texas recruit current illegals to their party with the hope that they will vote Democratic when they become citizens. In California the Democrats don’t want to wait that long; Francine Busby, a Congressional candidate, has stated either that people “without papers” can vote, or that they should work on her campaign; it is unclear which. Of course it is vote fraud to register non-citizens to vote, it steals the votes of actual citizens (by cancelling out those votes) and is simply another attempt to surreptitiously change the rules by which we vote. The Democrats pulled a similar stunt in California before the 1996 elections, a program run by Al Gore (Citizenship USA) enrolled ineligible people as citizens. Notice that the reverse side of the flier is in Spanish, how convenient. The brazenness of the flier is unbelievable, is Texas supposed to be part of Mexico or the other way around? It should be noted that the US once repelled an invasion by the Mexican army into Texas and drove them so far into Mexico that the US held Mexico City. Obviously Mexico City was returned to Mexico.

The flier above is a very strange tactic; it is the sort of thing that is so insulting to Americans that one has to wonder why anybody would take the risk. Wizbang offered a good reason last April in this post. Describing the classification of racial groups as “collectives” (African-Americans being the prime example) the idea would be to enlist Hispanics as Democrats early; after all, their largely Catholic values coincide with the professed values of Republicans rather than Democrats. That flier is one that should be used by Republicans. For More on these Democratic campaigns tactics see:

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Update: The Gateway Pundit has taken up the story of Ms. Busby’s comment urging illegals to vote and provides this link to a story in this morning’s San Diego Union Tribune concerning her attempts to backtrack on her remark.

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