Thursday, February 09, 2006

Reagan as Kennedy and McSweeney as Clinton?

Reagan and McSweeney Posted by Picasa

This guy is running in the Republican primary for the 8th Congressional District in IL. He would run against Melissa Bean (D) as she tries to extend her first term. When I checked out his website I was struck by this great picture of him as a fourteen year old kid. Obviously the designers intended good feelings and it worked for me. This picture reminds me of that great picture of Bill Clinton meeting President Kennedy when Clinton was a teenager. The candidate’s name is David McSweeney. Bean defeated Phil Crane in 2004 after Mr. Crane had spent a portion of the previous term in rehab. Even if it was for Scotch or other beverages, it just didn’t look good. Mr. McSweeney’s campaign and this photo can be found at:


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