Friday, March 17, 2006

David Sicks One Goliath on Another Goliath

This blog is hosted by Blogger, they own the domain and they are owned by Google. I have been experiencing problems with Blogger for the past 24 hours, as have many other Blogger users. Glen Reynolds of Instapundit fame has written a book named An Army of Davids, and I presume that it is about how the Davids of the world can take on the corporate and media Goliaths. Well this morning I was David, but in this case my best move was to de-sling my rock and hand it to one of the Goliaths. In my capacity as a trader on one of Chicago’s exchanges I deal with the press daily, I am one of those “anonymous floor sources” who are the bane of some peoples’ existence. One of the first things that I did this morning after getting on to the trading floor was to take a stroll over to see my friends in the press. I gave them the tip that Blogger was having problems and that Blogger is owned by Google. The mention of Google sent them to the phones. This afternoon they all mentioned that they appreciated the tip quite a bit; they got to scoop the New York guys on a stock story. One guy told me that the response that he got was “(T)hat’s the kind of information we need!” Google shares hit their lows a little before 9 AM Central time, 1½ hours after I told my friends in the press. The shares then rallied and closed higher. Nothing like sicking the financial press on your problems!


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