Monday, March 20, 2006

These People Again

A Look at the Tape Shows That These Girls Went to the Wrong March
c Flying Debris

I posted this photo yesterday before I had reviewed some of the video that I shot. The Saturday anti-war march was made up of a few mostly (dis)organized groups with a large number of average Joes thrown in between. The more organized groups had chants, not signature chants, this was an overwhelmingly white crowd after all, but chants that seemed to change any time a distinct group marched by. In some respects the experience was like attending a junior high cheerleading conference, without the parents. The group that the women pictured above marched with was a distinct group with those anti-Israel signs, plus they had their own chant about ending a “racist war”. Considering the signs that they carried, combined with the Democrat’s penchant for tossing any cause into a protest, one could reasonably wonder what they were protesting. I can see why the Jewish woman who I wrote about here was so upset. They really appear to simply be a pro-Palestinian group just tossed into the middle of this march.


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