Friday, April 28, 2006

Democratic “Star” Barack Obama Helped Mobster’s Banker

As commenter North Side Serf reminded me last night, Democratic star Barack Obama supported the alleged banker for mobsters Alexi Giannoulias to the extent that Sen. Obama appeared in TV ads that ran constantly during the weeks running up the election. In an editorial the Chicago Tribune comments that Barack received financial help from the Giannoulias family. Squeaky clean the guy is not; as North Side Serf rightly pointed out Mr. Obama came from the cesspool of the Illinois legislature. North Side Serf also beat the Tribune by several hours with that observation. I wonder, is it hard to be a pimp for mobsters?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I had a chance to sit down with Alexi Giannoulias I would be having a nice long chat with him. I would like to meet him and pick his brain on a few matters because obviously he's got a good strategist planning out his every move and speech writers doling out his every line. Yet I think as a voter of IL I wasnt feeling something about him that I felt was the missing element. That was to hear from him what he planned on doing for minorities in terms of state funding to assist them in various things from starting buisnesses to finding employment. In listening to when he said his father came over from Greece and practically instilled the immigrant's mentality into him I was sitting thinking what the hell is he saying?

I mean this guy hasnt seen hard work he's benefitting off the fruits of someone else's hard work and labor. He didnt have to sell pickles to make it and dealing with a world that discriminated against you for being a foreigner and doesnt speak English. If I had the chance to meet him and get into his head about some things one of them would be that comment he made. Most of these kids who are the product of wealthy backgrounds really have no clue to what they say sometimes. They don't know what it's like to struggle to pay bills or keeping food on the table.It's almost like Paris Hilton saying she knows what it's like to not have something when in fact she doesnt have a single clue. She'll never trade in her wealthy lifestyle for the life most people like you and I live because she can do what she wants and not think of the price it costs.

Alexi needs a stronger reality check that money isnt everything and having a immigrant's mentality makes you sound like you're not educated when apparently he's not a stupid guy he went to the best schools in Chicago and graduated from one of the best private 4 year colleges in the country along with attending one of the top law schools as well. He needs to recheck his words before he opens his mouth.

I give Alexi credit for trying to run for office, but I think he needs to be taken aside and under the wing of a politician who isnt busy making headlines with scandals and crap the media is busy churning out like a bread factory. This is to groom him on ettiquette as a politician and to speak in a way that lets the audience know they're right there with him. I have no problem with family donating large amounts of money to a campaign, but Alexi messed up by publicly saying his mom donated 3 million dollars.

It would have been ideal for her not to be identified as the actual donor to keep people from assuming that he's trying to buy his way up. People that donate large sums of money should be anonymous if they're related to avoid any questions or possible assumptions of nepotism or wrong doing.

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