Monday, May 01, 2006

Chicago Daily Kos Writer: What March Was She At?

This post (they actually call them diaries) from the Daily Kos states that the writer was at the corner of Jackson and State during the Chicago march. I was also at Jackson and State, (also Jackson & LaSalle, Jackson & Dearborn and Jackson & Clark). This writer claims to have only seen American flags; except one Greek flag that made her smile. There were more American flags at this march than there were at the last one; but there were still a lot of Mexican flags. The vast majority of American flags that were small and likely handed out at some point; most folks seemed to have the same small flag. I missed the Greek flag but I did see the American flag, the Puerto Rican flag (?), the Mexican flag, the Guatemalan flag and a few flags that I did not recognize. I also saw a few signs telling immigrants to fight America for their “rights.” Again, I’m not sure that we were at the same march this afternoon.


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