Monday, September 04, 2006

Bill Maher to Islamists: “Please Let Me Bend Over and Grab My Ankles”

I will note at the outset that I have never found Mr. Maher to be all that funny. I have seen much funnier amateur comedians doing stand-up, sketch and improv on stage here in Chicago. However I will state that Mr. Maher knows his audience, very well. The Gateway Pundit has linked to a Hot Air piece that contains video of one of Mr. Maher’s recent shows during which he both insults Christians (likely a regular occurrence) and also cedes to the demands of islamists in order to “bring hair gel on the plane.” Beyond Mr. Maher’s apparent need for hair supplies the equivocation of American Christians (read Baptists and other conservatives) with Islamic fascists is specious, at best. I must note that Mr. Maher isn’t the only delusional person who is just as afraid of or even more afraid of the likes of the old PTL Club than he is of al-qaeda. This has been a regular theme among Democrats for some time now; it even predates 9/11. There is of course no organization of Christians actively trying to murder and enslave non-Christians anywhere in the world. Biblical theology does not tell it’s adherents to lie and cheat in order to secure the theological society of their desire. Nor does the Bible tell Christians to slay people who leave Christianity; let’s face it, the Biblical call to proselytize just isn’t that stringent. If any Christian group in America advocated even a portion of what is regularly advocated in the mosques of Islam we Americans would call that Christian group what it would deserve to be called: a cult.

As always Dr. Sanity has a very measured and informative post on self-delusion that is a must read for those interested in whys of the widespread equivocation that Mr. Maher has been practicing. The woman laughing in the video is the notorious “racial ambulance chaser” Mary Frances Berry.


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