Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Wankers at Wonkette Wrong Malkin and Shill for Booze

The Bimbo(s) who write on the Wonkette web site are asking for $5 drinks; it is unclear why they deserve the drinks but they certainly need them, or something stronger like sodium thiopental. First the wankers posted an obviously photoshopped photo of Michelle Malkin’s head stuck on top of some altogether too large body of a bikini-wearing woman in order to make some sort of point. The point was lost due to the fact that average and normal American women actually wear bikinis; something that pisses off Islamists and apparently the wankers at Wonkette. Michelle has a full run-down on the strange goings-on over on the lefty side of the Blogasphere. Maybe next time the Head Wanker could find a “photo” of Michelle with one of those “oh so becoming” trampstamps. I must write that I have never had much respect for that Wonkette woman as a “journalist”. The story that I heard some years ago is that the Wonkette could not get a job in journalism so she started blogging. Considering that the Wonkette is an obvious liberal and considering that our nation’s journalists are overwhelmingly liberal I figured that “this woman must really suck.” She has yet to live down my initial assessment.


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