Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Federal Deficit Down 57% - New Math Confuses Media

You likely won’t read it in your newspaper (unless you read the Wall Street Journal) but the Federal deficit is down a whopping 57% in the first 4 months of the 2007 fiscal year. This is due to wildly increasing tax collections. The media will not report this and that negligence may not be due to their fairly well known bias against anything said or done by Republicans. Remember, if some Jihadist thug says something then that something is Allah’s own truth according to the goofs in our media; if Bush says or does anything it is a lie. That is the liberal way. No, you won’t hear about the startling drop in the deficit because most people in the media simply are not smart enough to understand all of those “big numbers”. Thankfully bloggers like the Bizzyblog are there to help you because the writers for outfits like the Trib, the NY Times, the Wa. Post, NBC, CBS, ABC…. just aren’t bright enough. One would think that they may eventually find themselves “stuck in Iraq

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