Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sophisticated Manhattan Bumpkins Show Inner Selves

This video shows the derangement that sometimes passes for sanity on New York's Upper West Side. It shows the point of view of marchers supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin, watch them as they march down the center of a closed to traffic Columbus Ave. through at least the 80s and 90s (streets). To put this in perspective Columbus Ave. in New York runs a block west of Central Park from Harlem (110th St) where it turns into Morningside Dr. to 57th St. where it turns into 9th Ave. Columbia University is at it's upper terminus, John Lennon's former home is at 72nd St. a block east of Columbus on Central Park West, the Museum of Natural History is on 79th St. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art is right across Central Park at 82nd St. This is a march through sophisticated New York, is this a view of what the future of dissent will be in this nation?

Hat Tip: the American Spectator and the People's Cube

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The shame is that their votes in both NY and Chicago will be stolen or overwheighed by the dead voting early and often. There is a bit of change. In my leftist subdivision there are some McCain/Palin signs already up and the Republican House member running unopposed has signs out already. I am sure closer to election time the signs will swing huge the other way as these nuts were big obamamaniacs when was running for state senator. Should be fun on the train plaform in the mornings. mpw

9:13 AM  
Blogger El Rider said...

McCain/Palin signs? Good Lord, those folks are flirting with disaster! A few weeks ago I told my neighbors that no I would not be putting any political signs in my window for fear of molotov cocktails.

However my buddy Mike has printed up a life-size Sarah Palin (no - she was not in a bikini or toting an M-16) and I still have the life-size Hillary and Bill cutouts from that party in '96 during the convention. And yes, Hillary still has a Sex Pistols ticket from that evening (Aragon) in her breast pocket - very classy! Maybe Sarah & Todd and Hillary and Bill in my front windows, that could p.o. the locals.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe a Guns-n-Roses for Palin poster, I am sure Mike can think one up. M-16's crossed with a dozen long stem red roses?

3:38 PM  

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