Friday, February 27, 2009

Chicago's Chicago Tea Party - part II - This Family Brought a Tea Service!

Photo Copyright: Flying Debris
Initially off on their own in Pioneer Court this family served tea.
Photo Copyright: Flying Debris
This family came prepared.

Photo Copyright: Flying Debris
Tea Is Served! This family brought their own tea service to Chicago's Pioneer Court, on the Chicago River in front of the Chicago Tribune Building, inspiring the woman on the left to dump the tea. The property once held a nearly windowless warehouse that contained Chicago's Main Library.

As speeches were being made I looked around Pioneer Court and saw this family with a tea service, serving tea to passerby. Brilliant. I had to talk to those folks, they went to a protest for the same reasons the rest of went, they are concerned, alarmed may be more like it. The father is the one who commented on the difficulty even getting people who are basically "lone wolves" to publicly protest. I think he was speaking politically, as there are no survivalists left in Chicago, they headed for the hills years ago.

More thoughts and photos to follow.

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Blogger INFOOL7 said...

The pics are awesome, thanks. You nailed my feelings exactly. Everyone should be alarmed at what is happening to our country. The electorate has discovered that it can vote itself gifts from the treasury. Principals, Honor, Duty, Loyalty and Respect (especially for the Constitution) are now but mere words of antiquity whose meaning has been all but forgotten. Congress has runaway, drunk with unlimited power and only a rag tag minority band of misfits (of which I am proud to be one) seem to care.

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