Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How Could A Conservative Vote For Democrats?

I am a politically conservative person who lives in a place dominated by liberal Democrats, so what’s a guy to do? Here in Chicago all of the local elections are settled in the primary. The winner of the Democratic primary will go on to win in the general election, sometimes unopposed. My answer to this problem is to vote in the Democratic primary, you are no longer forced to declare a party upon registration in Illinois. I know some people who take exception to this practice; they say that I should not vote in their primary.

Pal: You’re just going to vote for Bush, you shouldn’t vote in our primary.

El Rider: So, what you’re saying is that I should not have a say in local elections?

Pal: No, I’m saying that you’re a Republican, so you shouldn’t vote in our election.

El Rider: You actually are saying that I should not have a citizen’s role in local elections.

Pal: No I’m not.

Amazingly I the above is a verbatim transcript of discussions that I have had, more than once. It is outrageous to believe that someone should not have a say in the elections of elected officials because that person holds different political beliefs.

So as I decided which party to choose for this election the two races that I looked at were Republican Governor's primary and the Democratic Cook County President's primary. In the Governors race the polls have put Judy Barr Topinka as running away with the race. At this early date the polls have Topinka beating Democratic Governor Ron Blagojevich. The Cook County Presidents race is a nose holder; sitting President John Stroger against Forrest Claypool, both Daley people. Mr. Stroger had a stroke last week. Mr. Claypool also has been part of the Daley machine for years. Mr. Stroger is not likely to serve the coming term and may not even run in the November election, meaning that the Democratic Party machine will appoint the candidate. Even if the candidate is Claypool, it is better that the man gain office through elections. So I held my nose, took the Democratic ballot and voted for Mr. Claypool. What really made my decision was a poll that I saw on the Daily KOS this afternoon. They were going for Stroger big-time. Yes I voted for Rahm Emanuel (D-IL).


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