Saturday, April 08, 2006

More Evidence of Coming Collapse of Europe

“Collapse” may seem to be too strong a word to use, however it seems difficult to see a successful future for a Europe dominated by Islam, especially the violent extreme strain that dominates Islam these days. Flying Debris noted in “The Muslim Martin Luther” the difficulties in wresting control of Islam from fanatics. It clearly has never been good to be a neighbor of Islam; what with the forced conversions, the slave-taking, the beheadings, and so on and so on. Unfortunately for Islam’s neighbors these horrible acts are prescribed in certain passages of the Koran, thus empowering the demands of the religious zealots who today dominate Islam’s town square.

Swede Ilya Mayer, takes note of the Swedish Chancellor of Justice’s comments on Swedish Mosques calling for the wanton murder of Jews using suicide bombers, he described such calls as simply part of the ongoing Middle East debate. European states have much more strict hate speech laws than we have in the States but it is instructive to watch how some become subservient to a zealous and threatening religious minority. I don’t think that the Minister is helping anybody except certain extremist Imams with his comments.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a Jesuit theologian concerning the likelihood of a reformation in Islam. My friend the theologian stated that he expects a reformation in Islam but that he expects that such a transformation would take centuries. I neglected to ask him whether he expects western civilization to still be viable at that time. I wonder if Islam can reform itself during a time when it is so obviously technologically and educationally behind western civilization.

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