Monday, February 27, 2006

The Muslim Martin Luther

I, for one am skeptical of an Islamic reformation taking place, especially in the next several decades. As I said in this post yesterday, if a Muslim Martin Luther ever showed up, there is every chance that he would be murdered by Muslims, much like the story of Jesus. Jesus was a threat to both the political and religious establishment. A Muslim Martin Luther would likely threaten the power of literally thousands of Imams around the world. In many cases these Imams have integrated themselves into the political and judicial lives of their followers. Certainly there are Muslim religious leaders who are not abusing the power that is given them by their follows, just as certainly there are some who are abusing that power.

The reason that I say that a Muslim reformer would likely be murdered is threefold; the first is the reason of power, all those little Imams running around this world wield large amounts power over their followers, witness those followers regularly killing themselves for their faith. The second is theological, if one is to believe that the Angel Gabriel brought Mohammed up into the sky to give him the wisdom of the Lord (in this case Allah), then who is any mere mortal to question the words that were given to the prophet by the Lord (in this case Allah).

Having said that I must state that there is a flip side, not all Muslims read the Koran in the literalist and fundamental fashion that the Islamists do. Maybe I’m fooling myself here but it seems that the wise move is to strongly support those who preach against fundamentalism while remembering that we may be fooling ourselves. The key for the West is to support those who diminish the desire for the implementation of Sharia, or Islamic law. The implementation of Sharia demotes non-Muslims to second class status. Here in America we actually had a civil war over this kind of nonsense, we should resist the implementation of Sharia anywhere in the West. In Canada there is a move to allow Muslims to have their own court system ruled by Sharia. They would be giving essential government power to a religion. That is insane.

A third problem could be a reformer himself. Christians believe that the Lord sent his son to save the people of the earth, essentially to show us the path that man must walk for salvation. Unfortunately many Muslims believe that if the Lord sends another prophet, then that prophet will signal the end of time. Like we don’t have enough problems with these folks; imagine if they were pressed for time in their martyrdom efforts. I’m afraid that heaven would need a lot more virgins.


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