Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday Porsche Blogging – Why the Cayenne is a Good Thing for Porsche

Due to time spent at the track the Porsche blogging is once again light. So light that I am linking to a post by another blogger; the Truth About Cars guy. He is rightly peeved at Porschephiles who make snide (and worse) remarks about the Cayenne, the Porsche SUV. His editorial can be found here. My experience with the brand has shown me that I want them to make money. Surprisingly there are parts for older street cars that Porsche no longer produces. Now I can see not producing the body panels for a low volume special but the starter switch for pre-1968 911s? When Porsche was at its nadir I was seriously worried about the supply of parts; if the company won’t produce a starter switch what will an OEM company decline to produce?


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