Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More on those Flags that the Chicago Daily Kos Girl Couldn’t See

Flying Debris noted yesterday that a “diarist” on the Daily Kos wrote that she had stood for hours at the corner of Jackson and State in Chicago yesterday during the march and saw nothing but American flags. Flying Debris took issue with that report seeing it as an unlikely occurrence due to the sheer number of Other Than American Flags (OTAFs) that were on the parade route. Even with a camera that was going through some sort of death tremor, Flying Debris was able to photograph numerous OTAFs.

One of my favorite local liberal columnists, Neil Steinberg wrote an entire column on the different flags that people were carrying. Steinberg reported that local communists were distributing there own flag, I imagine that it would've been the hammer and sickle, I saw a few of those. Could they have been made by a collective in Vermont? Doubtful, they were probably made by near-slave labor in China. An interesting and amusing angle that Steinberg reported on was the appearance of some local anarchists. Not just any anarchists, but organized anarchists. They had the Anarchy flag (an A), they marched together, they sat together, they even voted on where they should march to next. No surprise here; as predictable as a Cuban “election”, they voted to march out to Haymarket Square.

One of the Daily Kos dissenters in the comments section (9th comment "Hmmmm…") pointed out that the marchers were not chanting USA but rather “Ci! Se puede. ‘Yes We Can’” That slogan was on numerous signs and in fact was on the signs held by what I figured to have been union lawyers (photo below), they really didn’t want to talk about who they were.

Michelle Malkin has a great roundup of signs, flags and tee shirts that can be found here.


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