Friday, May 05, 2006

Most Ridiculous Car Club in America

c Flickr
I would trade my '66 911 for this '66 Lamborghini Muira P400, just not on a temporary basis

The title describes this strange club, it facilitates owners of high-end cars to swap miles in each other’s cars. See, I told you it sounded stupid. Does the other guy beat on his car? Is he/she properly insured to use another’s car, am I? This sounds like a real hassle with little benefits. I for one would not relish some random guy with a Lamborghini Muira (above) taking my 911 out for a hundred miles of thrashings, even though I do want to drive a Muira. So if any Flying Debris readers happen to own a Muira, please feel free to let me drive it. See a review of the Muira from back in the day here, and a modern review here.

Update: the Carpundit noticed this club and titled the related post "How About Letting Someone Else Crash Your Ferrari"


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