Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Porsche Blogging: the Coming Porsche Panamera

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A third possible design for the upcoming Porsche Panamera

Porsche has been open about its plans to build a four door car beginning next year and according to (Big Hat Tip to Autoblog) Porsche has started factory preparation for the new project. One of the Sybarites forum members has “informed” them that after discontinuing production of the Carrera GT at its Leipzig factory, Porsche has started preparing the factory for Panamera production. A four door Porsche is something that the firm has toyed with from time to time, even some early 911 design studies were for a four door vehicle. During the eighties and nineties the firm said that they would not produce a four door vehicle because it would interfere with the design work that they do for other automobile companies.

I am sure that some of the world’s Porsche purists will send up a great cry of despair over a Porsche four-door but I will not be one of them. Flying Debris has already commented on the reaction by Porsche purists to Porsche coming out with an SUV here. There are some people who deplore the fact that Porsche moved beyond what are referred to as the pre-A 356 models. Flying debris is happy that some of the rare Porsche parts that the factory still makes will likely still be manufactured, assuming that the Panamera doesn’t bomb.


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