Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yonder Mountain Got a Drummer!

There is a bluegrass band from Boulder Co. named Yonder Mountain String Band; they are worth checking out if you like bluegrass. Two of the members are from Chicago’s western suburbs and their fan base would’ve been very happy at a Dead show or a Pfish concert. The band has always been four guys up on stage wailing away (quite well) on stringed instruments. On some level not having a drummer is a shtick, but for these guys it worked very well. They are a great live band and although the albums are somewhat spotty they all have some fantastic songs. Well they’ve gone out and done it, they got themselves a drummer for the new album that the made with producer Tom Rothrock (Foo Fighters). They have also put out an introduction e-card that includes a video of one of the new songs, Troubled Mind. It’s a great song if you like bluegrass, if not it might just sound like Hee Haw.


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