Saturday, May 20, 2006

UN “Human Rights” Report: World Now Garden of Eden

The alleged “human-rights” wing of the UN has an alleged “anti-torture” committee that is now complaining about the civil rights of Chicago criminals. It is noteworthy that the alleged abuses cited by the committee have been investigated for four years by an independent council and the investigation is being overseen by the Chief Criminal Judge for Cook County. The independent council’s report will be released next month.

This case is getting more and better attention than any governmental abuse case would get in ANY country sitting on the alleged “human rights” commission set up by the UN. As a point of fact this case is getting more and better attention than anything that the UN has ever done, save their various self-enriching schemes.

The alleged “human rights” commission has members like Cuba and China; in addition it contains other member-states that make a mockery out of the very idea of human rights. Cuba led by fascist-geezer Castro, recently imprisoned journalists and librarians. Yes you read that correctly, librarians. That is not a problem; rather the world’s largest problem is the adjudication of abuse allegations in its freest nation. As the title of this post proclaims, if the world’s largest problem is that of one disgraced former Chicago cop and his underlings, then the world must’ve turned into the Garden of Eden. Hallelujah, just try to keep the missus away from the apple.


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