Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mark Kirk for Illinois 10th

Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL) is running against Democrat Seals in today’s congressional election. Mark was a top student in some of our nation’s top schools, after which he moved to London to work for a Member of Parliament. Upon returning from England Mark joined the US Navy where he still flies AWACS planes as an information officer. His opponent is a 35 year old former banker from Evanston. The Seals ads do nothing but point to the obvious, that he is not Mark Kirk. Well you can say that again! The Democrats of Chicago’s North Shore are angling to replace a man with qualifying experience with a guy who worked in a bank for ten years. Mr. Seals has spent the last year campaigning rather than working. This shows a real lack of seriousness on the part of the Democrats. Additionally one can assume that Mr. Seals is just another tool of the Chicago Democrats, and one would be correct. So if you want an empty suit who has no knowledge of our military at a time when the United States has been under attack from a new type of warfare by all means vote for the Democrat. After all, Seals was endorsed by al qaeda (as have all of the Democratic candidates). It seems that the best thing that Mr. Seals has going for him is his looks, a pretty shallow reason to vote for someone. If you want a centrist who actually understands both what is at stake and how to prosecute our defense you should vote for Mark Kirk.


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