Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry Insults Daley Family of Chicago

c CBS NEWS Chicago
Patrick Daley - US Army Airborne

Now he’s gone and done it. Monday night John Kerry let his mouth do the talking again when he stated that people who weren’t smart enough would wind up in the military. It is an interesting comment from a man who just two years ago was proud of his enlistment in the Navy. I would like to point out a man who just last year volunteered to go to Army Airborne School after graduating with honors from the University of Chicago Business School, his name is Patrick Daley and his father is the mayor of Chicago. I have met some of Patrick’s friends over the years and he is said to be an incredible guy.

Flying Debris previously commented on this issue here.
The Gateway Pundit has another thorough run-down of Kerry’s bizarre statements and non-apologies here and a review of President Bush’s response here.


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