Monday, December 18, 2006

Gay Group to March on Mecca February 14!

In a shocking display of solidarity with their Arab brethren (or sistrem as the case may be) a newly formed group, the Society for the Prevention of Arab Gay Oppression has vowed to march from Jeddah to Mecca next (Saint) Valentines Day with an assortment of Hollywood types and leftist groups. Huffington Poster Greg Gutfeld reports that Human Rights Watch, Move and ACT-UP have gotten together in this attempt to bring civil rights to the gay, lesbian and transgendered communities of the Arab world.

Gutfeld reports that the activists and celebrities who dreamt up the March to Mecca wanted to acknowledge that “more gays are dying from Islamic fundamentalism than from the policies of George W. Bush”. Organizers expect a diverse group and have reserved accommodations ranging from the Hijaz Hilton at $1,190 per night (including a gift basket from “Infernal Restraints”) to a tent city sponsored by David Geffen called the Haqi Pleasure Vistas.

While urging potential participants to “Haj On!” programs director Whoopi Goldberg reminded marchers to “leave our cars and drivers at the airport”. Organizers said that the march would step off at “12 noon sharp in Jeddah, the stunning night-life friendly Saudi Arabian city located on the coast of the Red Sea.” The group sounded genuinely undaunted by the likelihood that no infidel has stepped foot in Mecca since Mohamed’s death in 632.

The “groups” web site (actually from last year’s March to Mecca 2006) is a great parody; the “group’s” name creates their acronym, SPAGO. The contact address is 176 North Cannon Drive Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210, strangely the same address as Wolfgang Puck’s world famous restaurant Spago.

Thanks to the wonderful Dr. Sanity for the heads up


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