Friday, December 15, 2006

Myths, Lies, Media & the Democrats

DJ Drummond of Wizbang has written a great article concerning the myths that are the lifeblood of the mid-east. His summarization of the post-invasion period of the Iraq war is spot on, including this observation:

"The Holocaust Conference in Iran therefore needs to be seen for what it is, a tactical propaganda move in a continuing war against Israel and the West. It demonstrates why it is so wrong for the Mainstream Media to declare themselves neutral, granting a moral equivalence between America and forces which murder Americans, and why it is wrong to attack the President in time of war, in hopes of political gains at home. In 2003, after the successful invasion of Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein, the Middle East understood that the United States had taken control of the initiative, and was dictating events, just as President Bush promised, at the times and manner chosen by the United States. Because of this, Moammar Qaddafi in Libya voluntarily surrendered his WMD programs, Syria backed down from the border of Iraq, correctly believing its own invasion was imminent, and even the mullahs in Iran toned down their rhetoric, hoping to not anger the United States into a war which seemed all too likely to destroy the Jihadists' base. But because the Democrats in Congress refused to support the war for reasons which came completely from expediency issues, and because the media like CNN and CBS and the New York Times became actively opposed to the American government, the Jihadists found hope for their survival through the cowardice and cavil of vain and shallow men."
I would also like to add (in all fairness) that the jihadists are also relying on the cowardice and cavil of vain and shallow women. I would also like to add that the Iranian leader may simply be trying to downplay Hitler's evil in order to build up his own evil doings now and into the future. If he eventually wipes out Israel he could be the biggest killer of Jews in history only if one believes that that Hitler did not systematically kill Jews.


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