Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chicago Anti-War March Smallest Yet

c Flying Debris
The sign says " Nurses and Doctors say No Oil War". As always the Bush with horns sign was a crowd pleaser.

Although it was much smaller than the previous Chicago Anti-War marches it was much bigger than the Chicago Help People Overcome Tyranny march. Of course the later has yet to step off. The parade used the southbound lanes of Michigan Ave. and was considerably smaller than the same parade last year. I really missed “the Chomsky Guy” who traveled the route and passed out Marxist propaganda on a 1971 Schwinn Varsity during the event last year. There weren’t really any floats unless you count the lame trailer that two guys stood on at the lead of the parade but there were many other amusements. For instance there were many Che Guevara signs, there were many ANSWER signs, and there were many Impeach Bush signs; however there seemed to be much less anti-Israel sloganeering at this parade, which may explain the low turnout. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of the anti-Israel stuff (and even a pro-Syria chant!) at a few points during the parade but there was less of it and I really do think that the smaller parade size is the reason rather than the “progressive” movement banishing those sentiments. At the start of the parade and along its route the guys on the trailer were extolling passerby to join the parade so the turnout had to be a disappointment as it was a nice evening, and certainly no worse than last year.

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