Tuesday, June 19, 2007

72 Virgins? Let's Do It!!!!

National Lampoon has made a trailer for a possible Animal House (bottom clip) style remake, only this time the "frat house" is a jihadi "house" with a Jihad-4-Ever sign in the living room. The "frat" is "named" Alpha Qaeda and the two starring geeks who have been blackballed from all of the campus frat houses are intrigued by the possibilty of having 72 virgins. Check out the National Lampoon website to comment on the posibilty getting this movie, named 72 Virgins (trailer is on top) produced. As the late great John Belushi once said (in the Animal House clip on the bottom) "Let's DO IT!!!!"

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs

Many thanks to the wonderful Dr. Sanity and her Carnival of Insanities for inclusion again this week.


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