Sunday, June 17, 2007

Is the Bar is More Ethical Than the Academy?

The Academy is of course our nation's professoriate, the college professors. Scott Johnson, an attorney who is one of the three legal eagles who write at the Powerline blog correctly ponders that idea in light of the disbarment of Mike Nifong and the continued silence of Duke University's "Gang of 88". The "Gang of 88" is the group of Duke professors who rhetorically convicted the indicted Duke lacrosse players and the lacrosse team as a whole. Some of the hysteria seemed to be based on an individual's opinion of "jocks" and some possible personal insecurities. Mr. Johnson reasonably expects those professors to be at least as ethical as those in his field of the law, but we all must face the fact that for some of those in the professoriate the big move was to off campus housing.

There is another example of this "moved off campus chutzpah" right in my neighborhood; some members of the professoriate at De Paul University are up in arms over the denial of tenure to academic embarrassment Normal Finkelstein.

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