Friday, June 08, 2007

Obama on Katrina: "I Have No Clue!"

Democratic Presidential contender Barack Obama (D-IL) appeared before a group of Black Clergy and spoke about the incompetence that is rife in the state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans. Obama stated that "the incompetence of their administrations was colorblind. The mayor is black, the governor is white and neither administration heeded the President's call to evacuate the city of New Orleans a full two days before Katrina even hit!" The Democratic Presidential contender went on to say that "if that storm had hit New Orleans in the fashion that it hit Biloxi, Lake Pontchartrain would've inundated the city and flowed into the Mississippi River, killing most of the residents and nearly all of the town's African-Americans! To make things even worse Mayor Nagin was predicting the storm's course as doing just that and he still couldn't be bothered to save his own brothers!" Obama went on to complain about the utter incompetence of both leaders saying that "they couldn't even get the planned bus evacuation started and then the State Police proceeded to block aid from the Red Cross from even reaching the evacuees! Those Democrats are an embarrassment to the entire nation!"

Okay, I am joking. Senator Barack Obama is simply not sharp enough to figure out reality, he is after all a 45 year-old lawyer who does not even comprehend the Social Security System; Con-Law Prof indeed! The inspiration for this satirical post came from the Gateway Guy at the Gateway Pundit who linked to this FOX News story in which my senator stated that there was a "quiet riot" going on in the black community. Quiet Riot is, of course the awful Metal/Hair Band pictured above.

I must say that I have been in a category 5 Hurricane and have spent a lot of time in New Orleans, a city that sits below sea level. New Orleans has also been notorious for corruption, notably on the various Levee Control Boards. I saw the Sunday press conference in which both Nagin and Blanco stated that President Bush had urged them to evacuate the city of New Orleans on the Saturday morning before the storm. Neither of those government officials could be bothered and frankly it seemed that they were preparing to blame Bush for trying to get them to evacuate an African-American city for no reason; if by chance the storm had missed New Orleans.

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