Monday, July 23, 2007

Time Magazine Gets "News" From La Rouche

c Flying Debris
La Rouche people in Chicago

Last week I ran across some folks involved with the despicable Lyndon La Rouche passing out their propaganda at the Fullerton El stop (Red, Brown & Purple Lines) in Chicago. As always I had to get their pamphlet to see what nonsense that group is peddling this year. Well Mr. La Rouche has become a big fan of Vlad Putin, the tyrannical former chief of the Soviet secret police (KGB) and Mr. La Rouche believes that the US must align itself with the dictator in order to salvage anything for our nation.

Just one week later the Gateway Pundit has the story of how Time Magazine, once a decent publication, has now done La Rouche one better. In this article they use an image of a Russian helicopter that "saves" the US from Iraq. Thank you Time Magazine for reminding why I stopped reading your publication decades ago.

The La Rouche fool pictured above claimed that Mr. La Rouche's conviction for selling unregistered securities was the fault of, are you ready - Bush. The old man of course. Apparently those geniuses believe that the former President Bush forced the La Rouche group to market securities that were not registered. I had a good laugh at their expense and belittled the guy some more before he stated that I must support "the evil Dick!" After a few more guffaws and figuring that the guy was not talking about Dick Nixon I told him that not only do I not support "the evil Dick whatever that is, I'm not even gay." Liberal protestations aside they are seemingly very interested in the sex lives of others. Well Mr. Pythagoras told me that the "evil Dick' is none other than Vice President Richard Cheney.

So Time Magazine has now sunk so low that it's bs political rhetoric matches that of the looniest of the loons; my question is, why didn't the Daily Kos beat them to the punch?

Note, the photo above was taken on my IPhone.

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