Thursday, July 12, 2007

Irish Nobel Peace Prize Winner Supports Fascists

Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner Betty Williams has declared her desire to kill President Bush "nonviolently". Ms. Williams wants to murder President Bush because he has had the audacity to support the freedoms and liberty of others who are less fortunate than Ms. Williams and her fellow Irishmen. If this despicable woman actually supported peace she would be lined up behind George Bush supporting the American efforts to rid parts of the world of people who systematically abuse others. Ms. Williams and the other ahem, "peaceful" women at the bizarrely named International Women's Peace Conference in Dallas who applauded the homicidal rantings of this woman are not "peacemakers", in fact they clearly are not even peaceful women.

If you cannot even rhetorically stand up for the freedom and liberties of others, you are in fact supporting the fascists of the world and should reasonably be considered a fascist yourself. If you are supporting the fascists of the world in order to regain power in the United States, you are a fascist. If you state your desire to murder the man standing up for the oppressed of this world, even if you desire to murder in a "nonviolent" manner, you are a fascist. If you cheer for a woman who would murder the man standing against fascists, you are a fascist. The only reasonable defense that those Dallas socialites have is that they were intoxicated on hairspray.

Hat Tip: Drudge

Update: It appears that she has previously vocalized her fascistic, murderous fantasies.

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