Thursday, August 23, 2007

System Parking Chicago - $220+/Hour!

That's right the parking giant System Parking debited my credit card $662 when I parked in their Piper's Alley parking facility for three hours on Tuesday. The facility is adjacent to the Second City building which also contains a Lowe's Theater, a gym, a running shoe store, a Starbucks and the Adobe Grill.

The attendant on duty was useless and the manager was even worse. They both appear to be Nigerian so I'm not very comfortable about the chances of System Parking actually refunding my money. The manager hung-up on me three times Tuesday evening while I was attempting to explain to the man what had happened, a lovely bunch over at System Parking. When the charge was posted to my account early this morning I contacted American Express to dispute (with extreme prejudice) the charge posted by System Parking. They also charged me the correct fee of $16 for the three hours that I was parked in the Piper's Alley System Parking lot at North Ave. and Wells St. (230 W. North Ave.) in Chicago.

For $662 my Land Rover should have had sex.

Update: On Saturday I was informed by AMEX that System Parking has refunded my $662.

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