Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Obama's Angel Rezko - More Trouble for Democrats

Alleged legal genious Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) has had trouble with his political ties here in Illinois. That should not be a shock, Illinois is a Democratic cesspool of corruption. Well Obama's "angel" is at it again, it turns out that Tony Rezko once had a contract with the last Iraqi government to supply guards for power plants, his partner is a former Chicago cop with a checkered past; neither had any experience in that business. The contract was cancelled when the new Iraqi government was seated but those Democrats are trying to get the contract let to Rezko again. Rezko is of course the Obama supporter who used his ties to local Democrats to get government financing for then soon to fail real estate developments, some in or abutting Obama's former Illinois House district. The Chicago Sun Times has the story here. Also check out this story of how Rezco's company, Companion Security was involved in a possibly fake "burglary" of over $100,000 of $100 bills and three guns that showed up again threee days later, when the money was brought to a lawyer who said that the cash was gained "legally".

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