Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Obama Presidential Seal...Gabba Gabba Hey!

Copyright: Ramones
Johnny, Joey, Tommy and Deedee or Barack? Gabba Gabba Hey.

Photo Copyright: Alex Brandon/AP

Update: More on the Ramones/Obama theme: Obama has spent the last year and a half singing I Wanna be Your Boyfriend and with all of the swooning women on the campaign trail some young men have latched on to the campaign thinking I Just Want to Have Something to Do, those men ignored the fact that many Obama followers have had a Teenage Lobotomy. The Obama campaign started out against Hilary Clinton singing Sheena is a Punk Rocker and Judy is a Punk but in the end they just Beat on the Brat.

 Because I don't view the world as sound bites and bumper stickers I don't appreciate those who campaign as if we are dealing with Rock and Roll Radio. If the Obama folks get their way I won't even be able to hitch a ride to Rockaway Beach because nobody will be able to afford the gas. If Obama gets elected they might have to Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment at which time I may follow the lead of the Obama supporters and insist that I Wanna Be Sedated.

 Of course throughout the campaign Obama's mentor and former minister Jeremiah Wright has been sitting in his gated community mansion lamenting that The KKK Took My Baby Away.

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Anonymous John personal trainer Austin TX said...

Barack's Seal is pure cheeseball, pretentious, and juvenile. Will SNL jump all over this? I doubt it. With that seal it would be fitting for BHO to wear a Burger King crown when he is at the podium. With this latest piece of work I believe he might be a malignant narcissist.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Publia said...

This post is too too fabulous

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