Thursday, June 05, 2008

Robert F. Kennedy - Assassinated 40 Years Ago Today - RIP

Robert Kennedy campaigning at BYU in 1968
Robert Kennedy and Mickey Mantle in Yankee Stadium New York, NY
Robert Kennedy lay shot in a kitchen hallway outside of the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, Ca. June 5, 1968

Forty years ago this morning Robert F Kennedy was assassinated in a hallway leading from the ballroom of the (since torn down) Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles Ca. Although I was quite young at the time that is a morning that I will not forget, I had shook the man's hand weeks before in Indiana. My father was a long time Democratic precinct captain in Chicago and he took me to an Indiana campaign stop, I think that was the day that I met our future Senator, Paul Simon. Simon would become somewhat of a friend of my father's and an occasional guest in our home. That morning was the only time I recall watching television in a classroom at St. Giles Catholic School in Oak Park, we probably watched it on other occasions but that is the only instance that I recall.

Senator Kennedy's last public words were (if memory serves correct) "and it's on to Chicago!" My father always said that not only did Sirhan Sirhan take the life of a wonderful man but he took the votes of millions of Americans. That is a horribly selfish act. To a young boy who had met the man who's late brother's portrait hung on the wall in our family home that was a very shocking day. Rest in Peace, Joseph, John and Robert Kennedy.

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Anonymous KL.UK said...

This was the first recorded terrorist act by the palestinians against the U.S. Sirhan was a paestinian nationalist who wanted to punish the U.S. (and RFK)for its support of Israel.

2:35 AM  

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