Friday, May 23, 2008

Hey Dan, Check the Oil, Will Ya?

What is going on up in Illinois' 10th Congressional District? Democratic Congressional candidate Dan Seals spent Thursday's lunchtime handing out $20 bills on the corner of Milwaukee and Half Day Road. Okay, he actually used donated campaign funds to sell motorists $41.49 worth of gas (10 gallons) at a Marathon station at that corner for $18.50. They used to just give out bottles of wine on election day around here, I guess that times change.

The Seals campaign stated that they chose the $1.85 price because that was the price of a gallon of regular back in 2000 when Rep. Mark Kirk (R) was first elected to congress. Something tells me that Mark will not be running on the dramatic drop in computer prices during the past eight years, but that would be just as dumb as the Seals stunt. Mr. Seals has a problem with the price of gas, he is a typical liberal Democrat. Mr. Seals is the type of Democrat who has passed laws and enacted regulations that snuffed out oil exploration in the most productive areas while stifling the growth of refining capacity. Add to that the byzantine fuel regulations that we have and there are gasoline problems galore before you throw in crude oil going from the mid-$20 per barrel to the mid-$130 per barrel in the last 8 years.

It was not clear in the linked Chicago Tribune piece what exactly Dan Seals and his campaign are trying to say with this stunt, the article focused on the obvious illegality of a candidate for the US House of Representatives giving random motorists in the district $22.99 worth of free gas while plying them with campaign literature. Complaints have been filed and nothing will be done until after the next time that Dan Seals runs against Mark Kirk. However I am interested in why they wanted to make this an issue when they can't articulate what Mr. Seals would do to change the market or why Mr. Kirk should be held responsible for world-wide market forces and Democratic policies.

It's not just Dan Seals, it is a problem throughout the Democratic Party, I heard sound clips of Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) haranguing some oil company CEO with another one of his "unconscionable" speeches, in this one he demanded lower gas prices. What Senator Durbin, a lawyer neglected is the fact that those oil company CEOs have a legal fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders not to voters. So in addition to nationalizing the evil oil companies the Democrats want publicly held companies to subsidize our gas bills. Maybe Dan has a radical new energy idea, his donors will subsidize our gas bills.

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