Saturday, August 16, 2008

Democrats Use Cathouse Owner to Attack Mitt Romney

This is odd, the Democratic Party has enlisted Rep Barney Frank (D-Ma) to attack possible McCain running mate Mitt Romney. This is funny because Romney is clearly a family man who does not fool around. Barney Frank on the other hand once had a boyfriend who was a gay pimp and prostitute who ran a "prostitution service" out of Democratic Congressman Barney Frank's Georgetown apartment. The story of Steven Gobie is well known to those of us who follow politics, however the Democrats believe that you are just "too simple" to be able to use Google.

The use of the cathouse owner Barney Frank to attack Mitt Romney, a religious person, reminds me of an old joke: What will Armour name the new hot dog being marketed to gay people? The Barney Frank.

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