Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thank You Cook County Democrats

In 1998 the corrupt politicians who run this state had their guy for Governor, George Ryan. George Ryan is an extremely nice guy but his time as Secretary of State was marked by corruption. The winner of the 1998 Democratic Primary was then Downstate Congressman Glenn Poshard who went on to lose to then Republican Secretary of State Ryan. Poshard lost because he did not get real support from the Democrats of Chicago, Ryan would play - Poshard wouldn't. When Blagojevich's troubles seemed to deepen almost two years ago, suddenly one of this state's few politicians whom the public views as reform-minded, Poshard the current President of Southern Illinois University came under attack as a plagiarizer, for a then 23 year-old dissertation. If the Chicago Democratic Machine had supported the Democratic candidate for Governor ten years ago we would not today have a former Governor in prison and the sitting Governor indicted for: attempting to sell a United States Senate seat, shaking down Children's Memorial Hospital, attempting to shake down the Chicago Tribune and on some level, attempting to shake down the Chicago Cubs. For this we can thank the Democrats of Chicago. Was the Senate Candidate #5 part of the government's investigation or just another local politician?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh John pleeese Glen is or was just some dumb Hill Rod. Hillary ROD ahem Clinton; ROD blow it out yer wire check. How could you ever think some down stater from know where govern this great state. Take a look at your plate from your wreck, John. The Land of Takin' Your up Kid. Full count 1st inning. Go gett um Bamma

7:48 AM  
Blogger El Rider said...

You know, some of my "Hill Rod" friends are pretty cool and well worth trusting. Besides, Ryan is somewhat of a Hillrodder himself. Besides, its not like Poshard grew up next to that nuke plant down in Clinton!

Just some musings on Downstate.

10:58 AM  

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