Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hoped For Change at DOJ Under Way...

...That is if you missed the Clinton Department of Justice. Here we are less than three weeks into the Obama administration and already the Department of Justice has "inadvertently" sent the unproven allegations of a convicted fraudster against the new RNC Chairman Michael Steele to the Washington Post. The felon's allegations against Steele involve illegal use of campaign funds three years ago, a charge like that involves fund transfers (checks usually) that are easy to track, the felon sought leniency with his claims however the Post's own reporting states that "(p)rosecutors gave him no credit for cooperation when he was sentenced in October." The facts that the allegations are easy to track down and the Justice Department refused to give the accuser any benefit for his allegations should tell the reasonable observer that this is a load of hooey. However the defense's sentencing memorandum was sent to the Post because "(t)he U.S. attorney's office inadvertently sent the confidential document, a defense sentencing memorandum filed under seal, to The Washington Post after the newspaper requested the prosecution's sentencing memorandum" which tells me that using the Department of Justice to smear political opponents is "cool" again. Thanks Democrats. 


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