Thursday, February 23, 2006

Congressman's Office Didn't Know What He Wrote That Morning

Before writing this post I called my congressman, Rahm Emanuel, to ask his opinion on the effect of taxation on capital formation in light of his call for increased capital gains taxes. That was last Friday February 17, 2006; I was assured a return call on the subject of “capital formation”. I did not expect a call last Friday but I did expect one on Tuesday. There is still no word from the congressman’s DC office. I know that they have more important things to do than answer reasonable questions from actual constituents but the guy had written an article on the subject that morning. How serious is Mr. Emanuel on this subject if his office is not prepared to answer a simple question concerning this new position that he touted in one of the nation’s largest newspapers that very morning?

This is part of what I wrote last Saturday:

My congressman, Democrat Rahm Emanuel of Chicago has had a tax proposal on his web site for a few weeks. This week he and Sen. Ron Wyden (D) Oregon wrote this article (subscription site) on that subject for the Wall Street Journal. They mix some good ideas with one horrible idea that continually rears its ugly head when Democrats get together; they want to raise taxes on one of the most important building blocks for businesses, I'm talking about capital. We can not have growth in this country without capital, people would not have jobs without adequete capital. Why the Democrats want to tax such a fundemental building block of job creation is beyond me.


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