Monday, February 13, 2006

Some Casino Is Missing Its Greeter

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Please, Someone, Get This Man A Job!

What the heck is going on with Al Gore? I will say at the outset that I never liked the guy; even Dukakis was a better candidate. I disliked Al enough to make a $100 bet in 1994 (yeh, I know, real big money…) that Mr. Gore would never become President, excepting some sort of succession. So as long as Big Al walks this earth I am at risk for $200 (it seemed reasonable to settle the bet after 2002), I made the bet because I did not believe that the American people would elect such a condescending man to lead them. I was wrong, Al won the popular vote. Consider that my disclosure on the issue.

Just a few weeks ago Al claimed to have found some sort of controlling legal authority (Finally!) involving the NSA tapping situation. As far as I could figure, Al found the same “controlling legal authority” that he found ten tears ago; Al Gore.

Now this week we open Monday to see Al in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia insulting America for money. Al was complaining about, among other things, some changes that our government made in visa applications that were made in the wake of 9/11. Beyond the obvious fact that three-quarters of the 9/11 murderers were Saudis, we should all remember that before 9/11 (actually until the following July) the visa applications for Saudi citizens were made through the notorious “visa express” program in which travel agencies issued visas. Yep, travel agencies; those are the days that Big Al is longing for. He also complained of people being detained who were in this country illegally. I’m not really sure where Al is going with those two, but he sure made it sound bad, for money. If Al Gore is so hard up for cash that he needs to go to Saudi Arabia to slander America to an overly receptive audience (he could do that in California), then some American Democrats should step up and give Al a job, something, please! Al is in pretty good shape but I think that the WWF is out. You know, if Big Al and Gerry Cooney were working together at some casino, I’d definitely go to Vegas!


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