Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Maybe the LaRouchie Just Sounded Like Some AP Coworkers

Please somebody tell me, what the heck has been going on at the AP? The organization that is supported by member papers across the country seems to have let their standards of journalism slip a bit in the last few years. Is this article about a few protesters or a Supreme Court Justice discussing a controversial trend in jurisprudence? It turns out that the principle protester is actually some LaRouche goofball. Could the reporter discern the fact that the protester could reasonably be described as a cult member or did he just sound a lot like the reporter’s coworkers?

If you have not had any interaction with the followers of Lyndon LaRouche you should count your blessings. I have mostly seen them in downtown Chicago. Sometimes they circle the block that holds the Federal Reserve Bank in an beat-up old Suburban while one of them screams through a bullhorn, sometimes they set up a table in front of the Federal Reserve Bank to pass out their propaganda and again with the bullhorn. I have never seen them in the subway with the bullhorn, making them more approachable down there. They are strange people; they do not appear to be all there, the old “few cards short of a deck” problem. They seem to have a spiel, actually a variety of spiels. All of these spiels seem to rely on the idea that if you agree with them on one issue then the LaRouchies can’t be all that unreasonable on the issues that they actually are quite unreasonable about.

The followers of LaRouche did some recruiting on subway platforms in Chicago a few years ago, mostly to black people; it was bizarre. Here were these fairly pompous, not very bright white guys with their “just got to the city” clothing using their canned rap on people who did not appear to be very receptive. If there is one thing that us long suffering subway riders know about, it is crazy people; needless to say the LaRouchies have not been active in the subway for years. From seeing them operate they appear to be some “not so bright” people who are convinced that they have found the true way through the conspiracy theories of Mr. LaRouche. The ones that I have talked to (to the extant that one can talk to a LaRouchie) do not seem to college educated. Due to the fact that they have found the truth, the LaRouchies clearly feel superior to the rest of us poor saps.

Back to the AP, was their reporter able to discern that this guy was not your average anti-Bush ranter? Maybe the better question is whether or not the LaRouchie sounds like the average anti-Bush ranter at the AP? I was really struck by this because I have never seen a LaRouchie who would not appear out of place at a judicial conference involving a Supreme Court Justice. Couldn’t the reporter figure it out? I would like to further add that here in Chicago if you pay attention to the LaRouchies on the street you can recognize the members. There aren’t very many of them.

Has the AP been hiring this guy?


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