Monday, March 06, 2006

Senator Kerry Wings Straw Man

Senator Kerry is at it again. After last week’s successful fundraising effort commented on earlier, my friend has sent me another John Kerry fund raising letter. In this new letter he sets up the straw man that Democratic candidates are being attacked because they have been in the military. He wrote:

“And, standing together shoulder to shoulder, you and I are making it clear that we won't tolerate vicious personal attacks on the service, courage or patriotism of men and women who served America proudly and stand ready to serve again.”

Could somebody please clue the Senator in to the fact that he is one of the few who has attacked the military service of so many Americans in front of the United States Senate.

The candidates that he supports will get reasonable questions from their opponents about where their funding comes from. This may not be a good time to tell the Senator, but there are a lot of people in large swaths of this country who simply do not like him. He is reasonably seen as a pompous man who has accomplished little in his years in the Senate. Really, shouldn’t he be in Gstaad this time of year?

Update: If you feel that you must, you can find information on donating to the John Kerry causes here.


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