Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Terrorist Supporters Complain That Guantanamo Feedings Preclude Future Complaining

Lawyers for Guantanamo terrorists and assorted self proclaimed civil rights activists are now up in arms because the US military is force feeding Guantanamo prisoners. Despite such an idea being mocked by Flying Debris last weekend, the feeding is being called torture in some quarters. The American military is making sure that those prisoners live, something that they may one day be thankful for. Due to the nature of the al quada force, these prisoners do not have Geneva Convention rights; no rights that have been agreed to by the US Senate as Geneva Convention Treaty rights anyways. Why should the US military give those prisoners any control of their situation? Some of these prisoners have been released only to go directly back to attacking American troops, yet I have seen no mention of this inconvenient fact in the glowing articles about these poor, wronged men locked up in Guantanamo. It is ironic that al quada thugs are now trying to use a nonviolent protest tactic to further their struggle to tear down all of the freedoms that we take for granted. Tiresomely, this is just another part of the al quada training manual that correctly understood our media. A further part urges al quada members to claim prisoner abuse, something else that we’ve been hearing a lot of lately. It sounds like some in the press could be acting like shills for lawyers or much worse.


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