Monday, April 10, 2006

Early Apexer and Allegedly Mobbed-Up Swedish Exec loses 2 Ferraris and 1 McLaren to LA Sheriff

Do Not Early Apex a Mid-Engine Car

Former Gizmodo executive Stefan Eriksson crashed his Ferrari Enzo into a pole while going 162 mph on the Pacific Coast Highway while still drunk at 6:30 one morning last February. He had some crazy story about a German guy driving the car and they were racing some mystery Mercedes McLaren SLR, sure thing pal. Mr. Eriksson left Gizmodo in the shambles of bankruptcy last year and the losses just keep piling up. There has also been talk concerning the involvement of the Swedish mob (who knew?) in the company’s sordid financial affairs. Just last month Mr. Eriksson’s wife was arrested for driving one of the uber-rare SLRs around LA with no driver’s license and British plates. I would say only in LA, but these two are actually European.

Last Saturday Mr. Eriksson was arrested and is being held without bail by Immigration authorities. CNN is reporting that his car collection, consisting of 2 Enzos and 1 SLR, actually owned by some British financial institutions who thought that the cars were in Britan, is now in the hands of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. As you can see from the photo, one of his Ferrari Enzos is now a "parts car."


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