Friday, April 21, 2006

Vodka Pundit Just Wondering

Stephen Greene, the Vodka Pundit at Vodkapundit and the Weblog of Tomorrow (All the News that’s Fit to Drink) has a question about the Left and their newfound love affair with retired military Generals. The Vodka Guy concludes that: “(i)t's enough to make you ask if the Left is preparing this country for a military dictatorship.” It is slightly tongue in cheek but the short post brings up something that is interesting; traditional boomer liberals have been very suspect of anything said by any military person at any time anywhere. The left has also recently been very supportive of CIA leaks that have hurt President Bush; that entire line of thinking not only gives more power to the CIA but also to unelected bureaucrats. This is another one of those outcomes of Democratic politics that has clearly undermines much of their traditional rhetoric; these ideas take power away from “the people.” As Flying Debris recently noted in Democrats Try to Give Presidential Powers to the Press the current Democratic rhetoric would have us believe that the President of the US has no right to declassify governmental material and that the New York Times has the right, no the obligation to publish any classified governmental material that they can get their hands on, even if any fool could see the potential damage to the US and to freedom in general.


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