Monday, April 17, 2006

Real $4 Million Ferrari to Blow Us Away

Autoweek's Artist Renditions Disputed
c Autoweek

Last week’s Autoweek had an interesting letter to the editor concerning the $4 million Ferrari that Flying Debris noted here. The writer, Gary Bossert, claims to be a friend of the owner and he claims to have seen the car. Mr. Bossert wrote that the custom built Ferrari looks both different and better than the artist renditions that were in the Autoweek piece. Mr. Bossert says that the artist renditions “don’t do justice” to the real car and that we should all “just show up at Monterey, and be blown away.” For the owner’s sake I hope that Mr. Bossert is right, because the writer of the first letter has a point, the car does look kind of like a gussied up NSX.


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