Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More Hard Bigotry from Jesse Jackson Sr in the Chicago Sun Times

Jesse Jackson has a weekly column in the Chicago Sun Times that is always ridiculous but in this week’s column Mr. Jackson plays the part of some sort of black Klansman. He basically states that those Duke Lacrosse players are guilty because white men have had rape fantasies about black women for centuries. This is what Jesse the Race Monger wrote “The history of white men and black women -- the special fantasies and realities of exploitation -- goes back to the nation's beginning and the arrival of slaves from Africa.” If a white columnist had written that black men have lusted after white women for centuries, Mr. Jackson would be preparing a boycott of the Sun Times today; of course, the boycott could be avoided through some “donations” to “favored” causes. In his bizarre column Mr. Jackson drags in some professor who blames whitey for exploitative rap and hip-hop videos. After assuming the worst on the part of Duke University Mr. Jackson laments that the rest of America is just as racist and to explain his point he cites Rebecca Hall who “studies images of African-American women in the culture” at UC Berkeley. Ms. Hall’s statement is just as nonsensical as the rest of this opinion piece, she states ''Turn on a music video. A black woman is somebody who has excess sexuality. . . . It's excess sexuality that white men are entitled to.'' Really? Huh, who knew?

It was very easy for Mr. Jackson to dismiss the apparent lack of DNA evidence by stating that “Something happened that night”. Again, if the accused were black men and Jesse could make a buck off of it, he would be down in Durham chanting “Whitey’s ‘Something’ Don’t Mean Nothing” or some other, more lyrical chant. Mr. Jackson should not have a column in the Sun Times; he is nothing more than a shill for his bank account. When Jesse makes money, the rest of us lose.


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