Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Chicago Media and Race Healers Ignore Vicious Attack on a White Woman in the Projects

Last week both Chicago newspapers ran a bizarre story about a former UCLA student from LA who was hired to do a strip show in Chicago and ended up near death in the Robert Taylor Homes. The woman is said to have been bipolar and she had numerous run-ins with the Chicago Police and the Transit Police before eventually being locked up for a night in a precinct house near the projects. After leaving the lock-up she was seen wandering through the last standing building in the Robert Taylor Homes. She was then seen with a gang leader on the seventh floor of that building. Moments later she was sprawled on the ground below, thrown from the apartment that she had been seen in, likely a rape victim.

This happened last week and I saw numerous articles on the story but until today I did not know that the woman in question was white. I missed the report on the ABC affiliated WLS-TV that is referred to in this mornings informative Richard Roeper column. The ABC report that I missed included this tidbit from a resident who saw the dead woman twice that day, "She got up on MY floor, she tried to come into my place," said the woman. "I said 'Oh no no no, you know, white people and us, we don't mix.' " Roeper correctly asks “Where’s the Outrage?” A Roeper reader who saw the ABC piece e-mailed the following to Roeper "I wish someone could explain to me how a 21-year-old girl ends up in the Robert Taylor Homes, is [allegedly] raped, begs for help and is told by a black woman she isn't going to help because she is WHITE, the young woman is pushed or jumped out of a seventh-floor window, and NOBODY is outraged? [Where are] the religious leaders like [Jesse] Jackson and [James] Meeks? Where is it on the news coverage? This is a young woman with mental problems and NO ONE is speaking up on her behalf." James Meeks is a local minister who keeps threatening to run against Gov. Blagojevich, a move that would split the Democratic Party and likely assure a victory for Judy Barr Topinka, the Republican candidate.

Indeed, one should ask, where are these “men of the cloth”? As for Mr. Jackson, he needs to see the green, the dollars and the dough at the end of his efforts. I’m surprised that he didn’t see a chance to get some “support” from the family if he railed against the Chicago Police for for enough time. On the other hand, this is a gang related crime and Jesse really has never gone after the gangs in this town; just another of the many reasons to not take Mr. Jackson seriously or at his word. Mr. Jackson also seems to be afraid of Mayor Daley, maybe Daley knows where some of the Jackson skeletons are buried.


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