Monday, May 15, 2006

Western Media: Will Happily Ignore their Own Coverage if it Hurts Bush

John Hinderaker of Powerline commented last night on Captain Ed’s post concerning the Iraqi bio-labs that allegedly made hydrogen for weather balloons. Mr. Hinderaker correctly points out that hydrogen balloon filling stations likely were not on the top of Saddam’s shopping list on the eve of a war. The weather balloon idea always struck me as silly because at least one of those labs was shown on television and it had remote bio-chemical gathering arms outside of the trailer. It had two rubber arms with sealed rubber gloves that would allow a person to grab a sample of something and place it in a testing device located on the outside of the trailer, all without exposing the handler to the sample. What the media and likely the CIA wants us to believe is the following: Saddam ordered these wonderful and expensive hydrogen filling stations for weather balloons; he also ordered the optional “remote bio-chemical testing devices” that at least one trailer contained. If the western media isn’t generally biased then they are generally chumps. Remember it was their video that showed us the bio-chemical devices in the first place.


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