Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jesse Jackson Sr. vs the "Spear Carriers" in the Media and Reality

In Jesse Jackson’s Sun Times column this morning he wrote that the Republicans were cooking “up a campaign claiming that if Democrats win the House, Conyers is geared up to impeach the president.” Mr. Jackson also wrote that “the right-wing noise machine and their spear carriers in the mainstream media, have been in attack mode over the last few weeks.” That Mr. Jackson seemed to include Tim Russert in that group of “spear carriers” is unfortunate, as Mr. Russert was certainly being honest in questioning the intentions of Mr. Conyers. A simple Google search could have saved Mr. Jackson some embarrassment. Simply typing “Conyers impeachment” into Google will yield over 750,000 results in just over a tenth of a second. Near the top of the list is a link to the Library of Congress that contains some relevant information; House Resolution 635, introduced just five months ago by Rep. John Conyers. The House Resolution proposes to set up a select committee to, among other things “make recommendations regarding grounds for possible impeachment.” There was also the matter of last summer’s “Mock Impeachment Trial” that Congressman Conyers oversaw as “Chairman” in the basement of the Capital.

When one considers his House Resolution and his charade impeachment trial it very reasonable to believe that Congressman Conyers would attempt to hold impeachment hearings. The Library of Congress has some other information on this issue that Mr. Jackson could have noted; of the thirty-six cosponsors to House Resolution 635, three are right here in Chicago and one of them is his son.


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